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About Howto Pets

Howto-pets.com is a website rich with content written after real experiences and expertise stemming from breeding pets by our authors for many years.

Who are we

I am Mustafa Tshash one of the group we are pet breeders, who find a fun time when teach others tips about pets, how to take care of them, choosing the right food, and more.

We write articles about rare animals and general information about animals that could be your pet.

We wanted to share our success with these creatures by educating other owners about how to properly care for them. All too often, pet stores do not give new pet owners the proper information when purchasing a pet and the animal ultimately suffers the consequences. Luckily with the dawn of the internet, good information is always just a quick search away.

Creation of the site

We decided to create this website a while ago, and we made it online on 3 May 2022.

Meet Our Team

  • Mustafa Tshash

    Senior Writer, Content Creator

    mustafa tshash About us

    A lover of pets of all kinds, such as birds, cats, dogs, and others.
    I love sharing everything I learn about all animals.
    And I write about the right steps and tips for taking care of pets, and I try to build strong reference on that.
    You can contact me at the e-mail: [email protected]
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  • Dr. Sara Ochoa

    Veterinarian Advisor, Content Creator

    sara ochoa About us

    I am a graduate of St. George’s University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.
    I have been practicing Veterinary Medicine for the past 5 years treating small animals and exotic animals. I own a dog, cat, rabbit, and tortoise.
    I have extensive knowledge of treating all species of animals with a passion for surgery.
    You can contact me at the e-mail: [email protected]
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What you’ll find on Howto Pets

Thanks to our authors, unique content is produced in multiple categories, including:

  1. Cats

    Does your cat suffer from any problem, or are you hesitant to bring a cat, read the detailed information and opinions:

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  2. Dogs

    Do you have a question about your dog or about the type of food that you should give him, see the detailed answers:

    More dog pet articles

  3. Snakes

    Are you afraid of snakes, are they an unknown world for you, read the information and facts about them in detail:

    More snake pet articles

Contact us

You can contact us at the e-mail: [email protected]