Are Ball Pythons Blind? [Read The Truth]

Ball pythons are the most famous snakes that can be a pet. Native to Africa and Asia, they are used as pets because they do not require much attention and do not require much care.

But the question everyone is asking is, are ball pythons blind? In the following details, we will answer this question and more questions related to this aspect:

are ball pythons blind Are Ball Pythons Blind? [Read The Truth]

Are Ball Pythons Blind?

Ball pythons are not blind. They have eyes that are just small and hidden by scales. Their eyesight is not as good as other snakes, but they can still see movement and light.

They have a sense of sight and are able to see color, but their vision is not as good as ours. They have a visual field of about 180 degrees and can see shapes, movement, and changes in light.

ball pythons have good vision, but it is very different from the vision of humans, for example that all ball pythons are short-sighted, and they can only see things that are close to them.

Also, ball pythons can focus only on moving objects only, but this does not mean that their vision is bad. Basically ball pythons do not need to focus on stationary objects, in the end the prey will not be stationary, on the contrary, this trait helps them focus on moving objects and Better differentiate them from stationary objects.

But before the shedding process of snakes begins, a layer of oil forms between the old skin that the snake will get rid of and the new skin that will appear after the end of the shedding. This oily layer is an obstacle over the eye and makes the snake almost blind.

Do Ball Pythons Have Good Eyesight?

Ball pythons have a good vision that meets their requirements. A large percentage of predators such as ball pythons cannot see colors as well as humans, this does not mean that they do not see colors, they just see colors in a different way.

The eyes of these animals are distinguished by their ability to capture movement, even if it is very simple. This means that they have evolved in order to benefit from their vision in the best possible way.

Basically, what is the benefit of color vision for a predator if most of the preys practice camouflaging and hiding and make their colors similar to the background colors, Like in chameleons, for example.

In addition to that, ball pythons are nocturnal creatures, so seeing colors for them is difficult anyway. There is also certain information that creatures that can see colors well may not be able to see well at night, for example, humans see colors as best they can But their vision is limited at night.

Snakes also have the ability to detect infrared rays, which will help them a lot to locate prey accurately, they also have a wonderful and developed sense of smell.

Snakes suffer from poor vision during the period of loss and change of skin, because the skin that is semi-fallen will cover the eye and obscure the view.

All this means that ball pythons do not have bad vision, but rather their vision is different from other creatures, and they develop their eyes in order to make better use of them.

Can Ball Pythons See At Night?

In fact, ball pythons have good night vision, they have eyes that are able to see by detecting movement and not detecting colors, and therefore they can locate the prey if it moves.

Almost everything that ball pythons see at night will be grey, black or white.

In addition to the fact that ball pythons have the ability to detect ultraviolet rays, these rays cannot be seen by humans. Possessing this feature makes ball pythons see prey through the heat of their bodies. This system is similar to seeing in military binoculars or some weapons.

These abilities make the snake able to somehow see at night and make the snake able to chase its prey and locate it with great accuracy, and this makes it able to grab prey easily because it has traits that competitors do not possess.

What Does Snakes Vision Look Like?

It can be considered that all snakes are color blind, but not all colors, scientists confirm that snakes see things in three ways, either black or white or both.

But there are snakes that have slightly different lenses that make them able to see blue, red and yellow.

But this information is based on probabilities and assumptions and is not 100% certain. We can determine exactly what snakes can see only if we can see through their eyes.

How Can I Tell If My Snake Is Blind?

It can be known if the snake is blind, if there are changes in the shape of the eyes, such as turning blue, and if the snake becomes angry and aggressive, that behavior because of its inability to see, so it thinks that everything around it is a predator that wants to kill it.

If you see that the snake has become less active, and if the eyes have become pale and do not have a bright color.

When feeding a snake, if the snake becomes less eating or the snake becomes weaker and weaker over time.

If you see that the snake is trying to clean its eyes with rough surfaces in an attempt to get rid of anything that may be stuck above the eye area.

If the eyes of snakes appear as if they were milky, these signs could be temporary and your snake could be in the stage of shedding and changing the skin, after the end of that stage it will definitely regain its sight.

If you want to check this more precisely, use something like a ruler, stick, or pen, provided that the object is not hot, or is cold but it must as room temperature, so that the snake cannot determine its location by ultraviolet rays. (Depending on the temperature).

After that move this body on one side and not in front of it, try moving the body on each side of the snake to examine each eye separately.

This should be done quietly and without holding or moving anything else, so that the snake cannot locate the body by vibration.

If your snake shows any reaction such as getting close to the body, turning around, or swinging close to it in order to explore it, this will be evidence that your snake sees well.

Why Are My Ball Pythons Eyes Cloudy?

Ball pythons are a non-venomous species of snake that can be kept as a pet. They are very common in the pet trade and are often mistaken for other types of snakes.

The most common problem is that the ball python’s eyes appear cloudy or opaque, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it just means that the snake has shed its skin and all you can see through the eye is its mucus membrane. Other times, it could mean that there is an infection in one or both of their eyes, which will require medical attention from a veterinarian.

Cloudy eyes can be caused by many different things including infections, parasites, and injuries. If you notice that your snake’s eyes have turned cloudy or white, it is important to take them to the vet for an examination as soon as possible. The vet will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend treatment options that are best for your snake.

Surely you were asking yourself why does my snake look blind? The cloudiness of the eyes is a symptom of some different health conditions, ranging from mild to severe.

1) The most common cause of cloudy eyes in snakes is simply old age. Snakes, like all other animals, get old and their eyes are no exception to this rule. As they age, their eye vision can become blurry and cloudy. This is due to changes in the cornea that happen as they get older and it’s not something that can be fixed or reversed.

2) The second most common cause of cloudy eyes in snakes is eye injury or trauma. If your snake has had an accident involving its face or head – such as getting hit by another animal.


Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes. They are easy to care for and can live in a variety of environments, which is why they are so popular. But are your ball pythons blind? you may be wondering what is wrong with them.

No, ball pythons are not blind. They have a very good sense of sight.

The Ball Python has a visual field of 180 degrees, which means that it can see shapes, movement, and changes in light. It also has the ability to detect color (although its vision is not as good as ours).

Ball pythons see things differently compared to people, they can focus only on moving things, and they suffer from short-sightedness.

Until now, science has not been able to determine what colors snakes see with certainty, it is possible that they see either black or white or black and white together.

Although they cannot see colors, they can see prey by movement, and ball pythons can sense ultraviolet light that helps them locate prey.

ball pythons see well but do not see as humans, humans see in a perfect way but do not see like a snake, each of them has a way of seeing that benefits him.

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