Are Corgis Good Guard Dogs? [Why & Tips]

Corgis are known to have a bright past in this aspect as they used to work in the past with humans in herding herds, so they have a good history of helping humans.

The question that gets asked a lot is: are Corgis good guard dogs? We will answer this question and other related questions in the following details:

are corgis good guard dogs Are Corgis Good Guard Dogs? [Why & Tips]

Are Corgis Good Guard Dogs?

The answer is simply yes Corgis can be good guard dogs, it is true that they are very friendly and gentle, but when Corgis feel the presence of any threat such as the presence of a serial person, their instinct will drive them to loyalty to their owner.

Another reason that helps them do this is that they have a high, sharp and coarse bark, which any stranger can feel afraid of.

Corgis will innately protect their owners and are ready to put their lives at risk for you, because of the instinct they possess.
These dogs were created and are used to putting their trust in the person who cares for them.

They are grateful to the person who feeds and nurtures them, and will surely stand up for you in any situation they see you need help with even if it is just a joke with a friend.

Corgis feel they have to sacrifice for you, and since this is instinctive this means that they don’t even need training, if your dog sees you in distress they will help you anyway.

Corgis when they feel a threat to their lives or their breeders will get an adrenaline rush, if you are the one on the other side will have a hard time escaping or releasing your foot from between their jaws.

If your Corgi is in good health, he will be an intelligent and loyal dog and will protect your family and your home, especially as they have qualities that enable them to be good guard dogs.

But it is not necessary for every Corgi dog to be a good guard dog. Dogs differ among themselves, and each dog has its own personality, temperament and nature that differs from other dogs.

Some dogs have no interest in being guard dogs, although they are agile and fast dogs and do not feel fear.

Despite all of the above, Corgis can be friendly and gentle dogs and are used as pets unless they feel threatened.

Training Corgis to be Guard Dogs

You must teach your corgi, Encourage him, praise him, and reward him.

Corgi’s awareness of natural sounds and smells must be increased, so that he is ready when he hears a strange sound or the smell of a stranger or intruder.

Your Corgi can also be taught when to bark and when not, so the Corgi is a good guard dog, it should not bark when it hears any other sound such as the sound of the coffee maker or the dishwasher.

Teach your Corgi to be obedient, by making the exercises friendly rather than harsh and giving him a toy or reward whenever your Corgi does well.

Another important thing that must be provided for a Corgi to be a good guard dog, the breeder or owner must provide him with all he needs from suitable food, physical training and all his requirements.

Will Corgis Protect Their Owners?

The answer to this question is that Corgis will do anything to protect their owners if they have to.

One of the reasons for this is because they have an instinctual desire to please their owners. And at the same time, they have Activity, speed and intelligence so it’s as easy for them to scare away intruders or fend off attackers. They would not need help from a human or another animal in order to do so.

The idea of corgis protecting their owners is not a new one. It is an idea that has been around for centuries. we will explore the history and science behind this idea, as well as the benefits that come with owning a corgi.

Corgis are known to be people-oriented dogs, which means that they have a tendency to bond closely with their owners. They are also territorial, so if they feel threatened by strangers or other animals, corgis will protect their owners from them in any way possible.

Corgis can protect their owners because corgis have a lot of energy and are very protective. They have a natural instinct to guard their owner’s property and family against any intruder.

Corgis are very dependent on their owners and can suffer from dog separation anxiety if left on their own for long periods of time, so they consider you a member of their family and consider it their duty to defend you.

Can A Corgi Kill A Human?

A corgi can kill a human if it is trained to be aggressive and ordered to do so.

Corgis are a type of dog that was originally bred for herds of cattle, they were resistant to wolves and other large dogs, so it is not new for Corgis to confront and deter threats even if they are from humans.

But this breed of dog will not intentionally cause harm, unless it is exposed to some danger by someone.

For example, some children put their bodies near the mouth of the corgis and play with him by pulling his ears or his tail, he does not know what is really happening, he just feels threatened, and it will surely have a reaction.

Are Corgis Protective?

In general, Corgis dogs are protective, have great loyalty to the breeder or owner and will be grateful that you feed them and give them enough attention.

Make sure that your Corgi dog has the ability to read the person who enters your house, is he a peaceful person? Or is it a suspicious person or an intruder or wants to harm you.

Corgis are very sensitive to detecting things around them, and memorizing people, smells and sounds, and they will notice anything abnormal that happens, and they will alert you to it quickly.

Their loud barking sound will be an unparalleled alert, all of which makes Corgi good guard dogs.


Some may think that Corgis dogs are cute and small dogs and cannot even protect themselves, so how can they be suitable to be good guard dogs.

That’s not right, Corgis can be good guard dogs, because they are intelligent dogs and because of their handling and assistance to humans since ancient times when they were working in herding the herd.

Corgi has important characteristics that qualify him to be a good guard dog, such as his ability to bark loudly to scare off intruders.

The exercises that the breeder can provide to his Corgi can greatly help the Corgi to be a guard dog, including obedience training.

Corgis have great loyalty to the breeder or owner and are ready to defend themselves in order to defend you, a member of your family, or even your home.

Dogs like corgis have great activity and super speed all this will help them to carry out their duties as guard dogs.

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