Can Corgis Jump High? [Facts & Tips]

Corgis are a type of herding dog that originated in Wales. They are often seen as the national dog of Wales, and they were the preferred pet of Queen Elizabeth II. In the United States, they are considered to be a rare breed because there are few corgis dogs registered in the country.

Corgis are a type of dog that is known for its short legs and long body. This makes them look like they are always ready to pounce. But do they really jump high?

Can Corgis Jump High Can Corgis Jump High? [Facts & Tips]

Can Corgis Jump High?

The answer is that it depends on the height of the jump you are asking about. Corgis can jump up between eight and twelve inches in distance but not very high from the ground.

We have all seen videos of Corgis jumping on people and we think they can jump pretty high. But as it turns out, not that high. They have long backs and short legs so they don’t have much power in their back legs to push themselves up into the air.

If you see a German Shepherd that jumps very high jump, you should not be surprised, but if someone tells you that the same thing can happen with a Corgi, you should not believe it.

Jumping depends on the strength of the legs and the muscles in it, and depends on the size of the animal that jumps, you have to understand that the Corgi dog is small in size, you should not expect him to be a superhero.

Males in Corgis are 30 centimeters high, which means that the Corgi has the ability to jump twice as high as its body, but only if it is a full-grown dog and not a Corgi puppy.

While the height of the German Shepherd dog is more than 60 centimeters, and he is able to jump more than one and a half meters.

You have to know that Corgi dog breeds have a kind of dwarfism in their DNA and this is reflected in their physical characteristics, so they are not intended for jumping.

Can Corgis Jump On The Bed?

Yes, Corgi can certainly jump on the bed safely because he will find a rubber surface when landing, which will prevent him from incurring any possible damage.

Jumping and landing on a surface prepared for this or on a pillow or sofa cannot be dangerous, but jumping on a rough or hard surface will lead to damages such as bleeding.

Also, jumping and landing on places not designated for jumping can cause injury to the head, face or nose, especially since dogs when landing act as if they are diving in the air, so most likely the first part that will collide in the ground is the head.

Corgis are small dogs and their legs are small so that they are not enough to put them around their head and protect it or they are enough to absorb the landing force, so the most vulnerable area when jumping and landing is the head and what it contains.

If jumping from a low place, there is no problem with that, but it will be dangerous if it is from a high place, a high surface or a staircase. Most Corgi dogs have adapted, and now Corgis can climb stairs, but you have to watch the descent because it may slip and cause problems.

Corgis love to explore, it is possible that they will like to look out the window, or climb on something constantly, in this case you can put stairs to go up and down safely.

If it happens in your absence or by accident and your Corgi jumps and breaks his nose or facial bones, you should send him to the nearest vet and this will take months to recover from.

As a corgi breeder or owner, you must know that you are responsible for it and its safety. Sometimes you will have to stop him from doing things, even if he loves them and would rather do them.

Can Corgi Puppy Jumping?

When a Corgi puppy is born, he will start learning skills such as running and playing with other dogs, as well as learning feelings and others, all of which will take time and the Corgi will not be able to do it when he is born immediately.

Also, Corgis puppies cannot jump until they are fully grown dogs and after their feet and muscles are strong enough.

A Corgi puppy will be able to jump after he exceeds one year, before that he will face difficulty and continuing to try to jump may damage the muscle tissue or the tissue of the joints.

Is It Bad For Corgis To Jump?

Normal jumping while playing or one time jumping during the day cannot be bad or harmful.

But frequent jumping may be harmful to the corgi, it can cause hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, which is a common occurrence.

This does not mean that your corgi will be damaged quickly once he jumps, this is not true, these problems will occur if your dog is fond of jumping or if there are some things near him that help him jump, such as having a slightly raised object and ready to jump on He is an energetic and playful dog that will surely jump and jump again.

Therefore, it is recommended to prevent your corgi from jumping and not the reason for this is that it is a short-legged animal or that it is a small animal, the reason for this is to maintain the health of joints and muscles.

Also for information it is not jumping in itself that causes damage, the real thing that causes damage is landing from jumping, so that it can cause pain and imbalance in the muscle tissue of the Corgi.

How High Can Corgis Jump?

No one will predict the height that a Corgi can jump to, if someone for the first time will see a Corgi jumping he will be surprised, especially if he compares their size with what they can do.

In fact, Corgis can jump as high as 11 to 12 inches, that’s over 30 cm.

The answer to this question has always been not a secret but an unexpected one.

Corgi has a cute baby-like appearance, so even her jumps will be very beautiful. Videos of your Corgi’s jumps can be recorded and displayed on your social media accounts, if you are a fan of this type of activity.

To keep the Corgi safely, it is recommended to present it to the veterinarian and to do regular check-ups in order to overcome the problems that your pet may encounter while they are in their infancy.

How To Stop Corgi Puppy From Jumping?

Corgi puppies are always full of energy and curiosity. They jump around, run around, and just don’t stop. It’s no surprise that they can be tired for the owner. But how do you stop a Corgi puppy from jumping?

Corgis are very intelligent and playful dogs. They love to play with their owners and other animals. They also love to jump on people and furniture.

There are a few things you can do to stop your Corgi from jumping on you, furniture, or other animals. First, make sure that your Corgi has plenty of toys to play with. You can also teach them tricks so that they have more fun activities than just jumping around the house.

There are many ways to make sure your Corgi puppy is not jumping all over the place. One way is to teach your pup what the “off” command means.

This will help them learn not to jump on people or furniture when they are told to get off of it.

Another way is to teach them what “stay” means so that they know not to move when you tell them to stay put.

You can also use a physical barrier like a baby gate or crate for your pup’s favorite spots in your home where you

Corgi puppies are known for their jumping habits and it is important to know how to keep them under control. One way is by teaching them not to jump, but this might not work with all dogs and it is also possible that they will just ignore you when you tell them not to jump. Another option is using a muzzle or leash, but this might be impractical if the dog needs access around the house or yard. You can also teach them not to jump by telling them “no” every time they do so.


Corgi dogs are one of the most active pets, and they can jump to a certain level but not far.

Also, the back feet of Corgi dogs are short and do not help him to launch into the air when jumping, and are also unsuitable when landing and unable to mitigate the impact of the collision.

The habit of jumping can be harmful to your corgi and may cause joint or muscle problems, or may contribute to a fracture or bleeding from the fall.

If your dog loves to jump from low places, that is fine, but if you see him jumping from random places and he is not afraid of that, he must be prevented from jumping before it causes him pain.

Your corgi can be safe with jumping if you provide him with something suitable for him to fall on such as a pillow, a soft object or the like.

Corgi can be taught not to jump, by training him on the meanings of some commands such as “stop”, “back”, “no”, etc. These will act as a button to control him when you needed.

It is possible for a Corgi dog to jump to a height of more than 30 cm or 12 inches, and this may be surprising for many due to its small size and small legs that will not help it to jump.

When you enter the house, if you notice that your Corgi is excited because of this and starts to jump in your direction, although this is a positive thing and increases communication and improves the relationship between you, but it can be a bad thing for the dog, try to make him celebrate you in another way.

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