Are Corgis Good Swimmers? [Why & Tips]

Corgis, also known as “the little dog with a big heart”, were originally bred to assist in cattle herding due to their small size and agility. They possess a strong desire for attention and will often pursue anything that moves, such as cars, cats, and people. So, the question remains: Are Corgis Good Swimmers? Let’s explore this in more detail below.

are corgis good swimmers Are Corgis Good Swimmers? [Why & Tips]

Corgis are not naturally good swimmers due to their short legs and bodies, but some can learn with training and assistance. While Corgis are not intended for swimming, their strong thighs, endurance, and buoyancy can make them good swimmers if properly trained. Corgis have two layers of coat that make them buoyant in water, and they enjoy swimming.

Are Corgis Good Swimmers?

The answer to this question cannot be direct and general because not all corgis are the same. Yes, it is normal to find corgis skilled swimmers, but some corgis need training and a long time to learn that skill.

So in general, Corgis are not good swimmers. They have short legs and short bodies which makes it difficult for them to swim. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t swim at all! Some Corgi owners have come up with creative ways to help their pets learn how to swim. One way is by using a doggy life jacket while another way is by tying two tennis balls together with an elastic band so.

Corgis are smart dogs, loyal and obedient dogs who are also very social and enjoy human company. They can be trained to do a variety of things like swimming, but by using some methods to help them.

They are not good swimmers, because their short legs make it difficult for them to move on water. But corgis can be good swimmers If it is well trained, and they can swim in water with their long ears above the surface. This is because they have a natural buoyancy due to their body shape which helps them stay afloat.

It is true that corgi dogs are not water dogs and are not intended for swimming, but they can practice swimming, even to a reasonable extent. Their legs are indeed small, but the muscles in their thighs are strong, which will be a catalyst that enables them to launch into the water without problems. Also, since they are highly active dogs, their endurance is great You will also help them.

Almost every dog ​​of any breed can swim, but some breeds may have difficulty swimming (but they do swim nonetheless).

Certainly, not every corgi can swim, there is a hesitant corgi and it needs a long training longer than the corgi in the normal situation.
However all dogs of the entire Corgi breed can be swimmers, even if their legs are short, which will not stop them, many Corgis can be seen to be very good swimmers.

The Corgis coats are distinguished by their two layers that are difficult for water to penetrate, thus representing a balloon, which helps it float in the water easily.

Do Corgis Like To Swim?

Corgi loves to swim, and their strong legs help them walk in the water. They are also naturally strong.

Corgi have short legs but are strong in addition to that they have strong thighs, and they have high agility, you will be surprised if you see a Corgi dog (properly trained) swimming.

Corgi dogs like to swim and have physical characteristics that enable them to do so, since they were used for grazing and chasing large and strong animals such as cows and other dogs, including larger dogs, and this made them evolve and obtain the necessary strength to keep pace with those animals.

Corgi has the right muscles in the right places, all those physical traits that make her a good swimmer.

If you choose any dog ​​of another breed and put it in the water instinctively it will start paddling, rowing can make the dog walk in the water, but it is not enough to not go into the water.

While corgis have a strong thrust from their legs that will enable them to stay afloat above water, and this is the main reason why corgis can swim.

How to Teach a Corgi to Swim?

The most dangerous thing is throwing your corgi into the water expecting him to swim normally assuming you because you saw that your friend’s corgi can swim.

Corgi dogs are different among themselves, you can measure this on humans, can all humans swim by default, certainly not, unless they receive the necessary training for that.

First of all, get a life jacket for your Corgi, indeed, a life jacket is not mandatory, but it is a preferred thing recommended by the American Kennel Club

The first step involves introducing your corgi to the water, even if it’s using a home pool or just spraying from a hose.

The next step is to put your corgi in the water, this does not involve putting him in the depths, just bring him closer to the water or carry the dog and get into the water together.

The third step is to practice swimming, use food or toys and leave them in the water and see if Corgi can bring them himself.

The last step is to try swimming with your corgi, swim near him and if he panics carry him, and repeat.

Corgi Swimming Tips

You should never leave your Corgi in the water, even if he is wearing a life jacket, just for added safety.

You must ensure that the water is clean and not contaminated with parasites, harmful bacteria, or insects that may harm your Corgi.

If your Corgi has difficulty learning to swim, another dog that can swim can be used, and they can be more courageous together.

It is easy for a Corgi to learn. If he has another dog with him, watch them together and that will be more than enough to start learning properly.

Swimming with a pet is a wonderful thing, but it should be limited to certain times and not too frequent, for example once every such day or once a week.

Do not try to make him swim in multiple ways or with multiple swimming tools, that will expose him to confusion, try to make him settle on one way.

Are Corgis Waterproof?

The answer to this question is yes, they are waterproof because they have a coat that repels water.

But no one knows why Corgis are waterproof. That’s because they were originally bred to be cattle herders in Wales, which is not an aquatic environment.


Corgis are a type of dog that is often mistaken for a fox. They are known for their short legs, long ears, and fluffy tail. They were originally bred to be herders and were used in the past by Welsh farmers to help control the sheep population.

It is not possible to answer whether a Corgi is a swimmer or not, the reason for this is that Corgi dogs have differences.

Some dogs are more active, energetic, and intelligent, and do not need much training to learn something.

There are hesitant and shy Corgi dogs that need intensive training and a long time to start learning something.

Many Corgis can swim easily due to their strong thigh muscles and balloon-like nature that help them float in water.

If your dog is having difficulty swimming and learning to use aids such as balls that help him float, have him try to swim with another dog that swims well.

It is wrong to judge Corgis that they cannot swim because of their short legs, it is incorrect. When Corgis get proper training, they will be a skilled and capable swimmer.

The physical characteristics of the Corgi dog help him to swim, and his body has evolved to be more powerful than when he was previously used to herd herds.

Corgis are known for their short legs and fox-like faces, but did you know that they also have water-repelling coats? Yes, corgis are indeed waterproof.

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