Can Huskies Eat Chicken? [Benefits & Harms]

Huskies are a type of dog that is known as a sled dogs. In ancient times it was used in to pull sleds in the winter and they can also be used as hunting dogs. Huskies are usually found in colder climates, like Alaska, Canada, and Siberia.

But the question that gets asked a lot is, can the Huskies eat chicken? We will answer this question and more related questions in the following lines:

can huskies eat chicken Can Huskies Eat Chicken? [Benefits & Harms]

Can Huskies Eat Chicken?

The answer to this question is that Huskies can eat chicken but the chicken must be cooked.

It is true that Huskies are carnivores and they were bred to hunt for their food. However, they have a high metabolism and need to eat a lot of food throughout the day. They also need to be fed protein-rich foods like chicken in order to maintain their weight.

So offering chicken to your Husky is a good thing and does not cause any harm, especially since Husky dogs have always been eating chicken since ancient times.

And the first thing you will want to do is check the ingredients on your chicken package.
If the ingredients say “chicken” then yes, your husky can eat chicken.
If the ingredients say “chicken meal” then no, your husky should not eat pre-prepared chicken meal because it does not have all of the necessary nutrients for them to be healthy and thrive. And because pre-prepared chicken meals may contain spices or seasonings, some seasonings may harm the dog.

Chicken is an important source in the dog’s diet because it contains large amounts of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

But if you notice that your Husky suffers from stomach problems when eating chicken, perhaps this is due to the gases resulting from eating chicken, so you should stop serving chicken to your dog or reduce chicken in meals so that it does not exceed 10 percent.

Also, in the event that your dog suffers from an increase in weight, then you must reduce and limit meals, including chicken, and make sure that the meals do not contain any fat, and in this case it is recommended to consult a veterinarian.

And for more safety, the breeder can do a simple experiment, offer your Husky a piece of boneless chicken that does not contain spices or spices, after eating it, notice whether he continues his day normally or is he suffering from vomiting or something similar.

Tips For Preparing Chicken For Husky Dogs

The most important point to do is to cook the chicken because uncooked chicken can contain things harmful to the dog such as salmonella. And the easiest way to cook chicken is by boiling, after boiling we will be sure that the chicken does not contain anything that may be harmful, you can also boil a whole chicken and then cut it and divide it into meals.

Do not put spices or seasonings on chicken, while some people like things like spicy sauces or chili powder, etc., but the husky’s stomach is unable to deal with these substances, so avoid them.

Remove any bones left in the chicken, chicken bones are not large enough for the dog to handle, on the contrary they can break and have sharp edges that may cause internal wounds in the dog’s body, so any bones must be removed before serving the meal to your dog.

Be sure to diversify the dog’s diet, chicken cannot be the only meal you provide to your dog, and your dog’s diet cannot be only chicken, Husky dogs are active and need a balanced diet.

Do not exaggerate the amount of one meal, Huskies are basically working dogs, so a reasonable amount of food will be enough for them.

Can Huskies Eat Chicken Everyday?

The husky is a medium-sized breed of dog that is famous for its thick coat and ability to pull sleds. This breed was originally bred by the Chukchi people in Siberia for use as a sled dog because of their strength and endurance. It is a very active dog, so it needs a lot of food, but it must be moderate and varied.

It is not appropriate to provide chicken as dog food daily or excessively, as eating large amounts of protein (which chicken contains) can cause digestion problems and other health problems.

The diet of your dog must be balanced, it is okay to offer chicken, but it should not exceed 10 percent of the total diet.

How Much Chicken Can A Husky Eat?

You can serve a good amount of chicken to your Husky, as 1/4 or 1/3 cup of chicken for every 20 pounds of dog weight.

For example, if your dog weighs 60 pounds, that means (3 * 1/4) or (3 * 1/3).

And if you’re not a fan of arithmetic, just follow this method: If your dog is very active, his diet should have 20-30 percent protein (including chicken and other protein-containing foods).

If your dog is inactive, 10 percent protein is sufficient.

But make sure that the chicken is boiled, and make sure that your dog’s diet contains other foods that contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, because the chicken will provide your dog with protein only.

Can Huskies Eat Chicken Bones?

Huskies are a type of dog that has a thick coat and it is cold-resistant. They are originally from Siberia and they have been bred for hundreds of years to help people in the Arctic.

Most dog breeds, such as the Husky, can eat bones and have been doing so for thousands of years.
Also, chicken bones will be dealt with quickly once they reach the dog’s stomach. Provided that those bones are uncooked, as they will be of great benefit to him such as containing some vitamins and minerals, and the bones work to clean the stomach.

While the bones that have been cooked or that have been removed from the chicken after it has been cooked or boiled, should not be served to the dog. Sometimes chicken cooked bones may break and become sharp and may cause internal cracks, or may cause suffocation.
Therefore, vets recommend removing any cooked bones from the chicken before the breeder offers it to the dog as a meal.
That is just for safety, and this does not mean that dogs are unable to eat cooked bones.

Can Huskies Eat Cooked Chicken?

Husky dogs can eat cooked chicken, which is what specialists advise. Eating boiled chicken for Husky dogs is safer than eating raw chicken because it may contain things that are harmful to your dog’s health.

Can Huskies Eat Raw Chicken?

It is not healthy for dogs such as huskies to eat raw chicken, because raw chicken may carry with it some harmful things such as those that cause salmonella.

Anything that is not good for the dog’s health in raw chicken will be removed by boiling.

Chicken when it is cooked means that high temperatures will work to kill the harmful bacteria present in it and it will become healthy and safe

Therefore, make sure that the chicken provided to your dog with meals is cooked chicken.


Huskies are typically used as sledding dogs, but they have also been used in the past as working dogs to hunt and kill small prey. Huskies are very energetic, so it is important to feed them high-quality food.

Dogs such as Husky can eat chicken, provided that it is not raw chicken but that it is cooked, and the reason for this is because the cooked chicken has undergone the boiling process, so it has already gotten rid of all the things that may be harmful to the health of your dog.

So if you are eating your food and you see the husky begging for a bite, you can simply give him a little of your chicken, provided that it does not contain spices or spices, because dogs are unable to deal with it.

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