Do Ball Pythons Bites Hurt? [Why & Tips To Avoid This]

A ball python is a non-venomous snake that is native to Africa. They are one of the most popular pet snakes in the world, due to their docile nature and easy care requirements.

We will answer the question about does ball Python bite hurt? And more questions related to that in the following details:

do ball pythons bites hurt Do Ball Pythons Bites Hurt? [Why & Tips To Avoid This]

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Do Ball Pythons Bites Hurt?

The ball python is one of the most popular pet snakes because they are good tempered, easy to handle, and generally healthy.

The bite of ball pythons is non-toxic and not very hurtful like the bites of other snakes because ball pythons do not have fangs, but this does not prevent you from getting the necessary medical treatment if you are bitten by a ball python.

Usually, ball pythons will not attack humans, and it is common that adult ball pythons do not bite humans, but it may be a bite by mistake or they thought you were the food, in the case of small ball pythons this may be expected but it not happen often or usually.

Ball pythons have some small teeth that are tilted inward. A ball python bite can leave the shape of tooth marks, and a ball python bite can be severe if it closes its jaw, and require you to try to free your hand by opening its jaw yourself.

In most cases Ball pythons do not bite. They use their teeth to hold their prey in place while they swallow it whole. If you are bitten by a ball python, it is usually because they mistake you for food.

Also, The ball python is a non-venomous snake. Its bite is not dangerous to humans.

Do Ball Pythons Bite Their Owners?

One of the most important reasons why a ball python is good as a pet is its instinct that tells it not to attack humans, so it is very rare for a ball python to bite.

But there are reasons that may push the ball python to bite, we mention some of them :

If the ball python is small it will bite because it still does not know what is going on around it, and still does not differentiate between what is food and what is not food.

If the way you catch the ball python is incorrect, it will bite a lot, when you catch the ball python, it must carry its entire body and must be a support for all parts of the body, for example, It is wrong to grab the head and tail and leaving the entire middle part hanging in the air.

If the ball python has eaten its food in the previous few days and is still in the stage of digestion, it will bite, at these times the snakes are more sensitive.

If the ball python is in the skin exchange stage, it will also bite.

If you have carried its prey for any reason and the scent of the prey is still on your hand, the ball python will think that your hand is the prey and will bite you.

The ball python can put some warning signs before it bites, if the area near the head or the tail area is both or if either of them is twisted or in the shape of the letter “S”, for the ball python this is a signal telling you to leave it now.

How Painful Is A Bite From A Ball Python?

The ball pythons are docile and easy to handle which makes them a popular pet for people of all ages. However, they can be dangerous if provoked or mishandled.

In general, the ball python has a gentle temperament and will not bite unless provoked or threatened.

The bite from a ball python usually does not cause any serious health issues in humans but can be very painful because of the size of the teeth which are designed to seize prey and then swallow it whole.

It is possible to feel some pain due to the bite of the ball python and because of the scratches made by its teeth. In addition, the teeth can cause wounds. The pain will be continuous since the bite and throughout the healing period.

What Will Happen If A Ball Python Bites You?

It is known that ball pythons are non-venomous snakes, but their bite still needs treatment, in addition to that, each bite may require a different treatment.

A ball python is not limited to injury resulting from a bite, the place of the bite can be a port for bacteria to enter your body, so the place of the bite must be checked by a doctor, even if it is a small bite.

In the case of minor bites that are not penetrating the skin, it will require you to wash the place of the bite with warm water and sterile soap, and it is preferable to wrap the place of the bite with a bandage or a wound plaster in order to ensure that no bacteria or the like

As for severe bites, you will definitely need a doctor’s intervention, and in some cases even minor bites if the snake keeps on holding you will be deep and dangerous.

In all cases, it is preferable to take antibiotics to avoid bacterial infection.

If you feel strong pain or the shape of the bite is unhealthy, this requires quick intervention from the doctor to disinfect the place and take the necessary action.

The doctor can ask to examine the place of the bite by magnetic resonance to show him whether there is damage caused by the bite, and the doctor will also help to discover if there is a deep wound that is not noticed.

Some bites require the removal of tissues attached or outside the normal skin level, in order to help not leave a scar.

In other cases, surgical intervention may be required in the event of damage to the nerves or tendons.

It is unusual for a ball python to bite, but it is something that can happen. If you are bitten, do not let the issue pass without treatment and a medical examination.

Can A Ball Python Bite Make You Sick?

Ball pythons are one of the most common pet snakes in the world. They’re also quite docile and can make for a great pet for those who have a lot of patience and time to spend with them.

People are always wondering if a ball python bite can make them sick. Ball pythons are non-venomous snakes, and they do not have the capability to make you sick. They don’t have effective poison and they don’t have fangs. They only have teeth in their mouths, so they cannot transmit diseases to humans.

Some people think that a ball python can bite and poison you or that it will cause great harm to your body, but this is a mistake. A ball python’s mouth is located at the bottom of its head, so it can’t wrap its mouth around your skin for a big bite.

Snakes are notoriously known for their bite. However, not all snake bites are deadly and some can even be harmless.

Humans may be harmed, but they will not be harmed due to the bite of the ball python itself, the damage could be caused by bacteria entering the place of the bite due to lack of treatment after the bite.


The ball python will bite for two reasons, either in order to defend itself and in this case the bite is quick, and this bite is for the purpose of warning the other animal, and the second reason is in order to kill the prey and in this case will be repeated bites for the purpose of making sure that the prey has finished Resistance.

Ball pythons do not have fangs, like all non-venomous snakes, instead they have a row of 100 teeth arched inward.

It is not uncommon for a ball python to bite someone, especially if the ball python is an adult, because younger ones are more likely to bite you.

Humans can be bitten by a ball python, it will be by mistake or unintentionally, or if the ball python thought that your hand was a piece of food.

In the worst case, even if you are bitten, do not panic. ball pythons are non-venomous and their bite will not make you sick.

Also, its bite is not painful, like the bite of other snakes, because ball pythons lack fangs, and the place of their mouth is located at the bottom of the head, so it is difficult to hold the part that they bite with a tight grip, for that reason they swallow the prey directly.

Ball pythons are not venomous and they are not a threat to humans. They are also non-poisonous to other animals, including dogs, cats and birds.

When being bitten by a ball python, wash the place of the bite with warm water and soap and do not keep the place of the bite exposed so as not to leave a chance for bacteria, then get care from a doctor for more safety.

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