Do Ball Pythons Change Color? [Why & When]

Ball Pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. They are native to Africa and are often kept as pets due to their docile nature and beautiful coloration.

But the question that is often asked is, do ball Pythons change color? We will answer this question and more related questions in the following details:

do ball pythons change color Do Ball Pythons Change Color? [Why & When]

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Do Ball Pythons Change Color?

Simply the answer is yes, ball pythons change their color, but the color of those snakes will not change without reasons, the color of ball pythons can change due to their age, and the reason can be the loss of the skin and the growth of new skin, and other reasons are their exposure to burns. Also, if the scale that makes up the skin is exposed to rotting.

The color of Ball Pythons can change over time, but this is not always a sign that they are sick or dying. It can actually be a sign that they are healthy and happy.

The ball pythons will change color and become darker with age, you will notice that your ball pythons will be the most beautiful color when it is young, and when the ball pythons grow the color will become darker.

The color of the ball pythons can change as a result of shedding. If you notice that your ball python has become darker, or if its colors become paler and the bright colors disappear, this means that your snake is preparing for the stage of skin exchange.

The color of your ball python can be pink or red before the skin sheds from it. This process may include changing the color of the eyes as well, as their color is tilted towards blue and white, all these signs are an indication that your ball pythons will change their skin soon.

After the ball pythons finish their skin shedding phase, they will have bright and beautiful colors, and when this process is repeated and as the ball pythons age, the colors become less bright and darker.

The color of the ball python can change from burns, the ball pythons could pass close to a heat source, or there could be a heat source in the ball python’s enclosure, for example, hot rocks represent a danger in this regard, for this reason ball python container should contain reliable thermometers, so you can monitor the temperature accurately.

The color changes due to scale rot as well. Scale rot is dermatitis of the ball python, and this happens if the ball python container is not clean, or if the temperature in it is not suitable, or if it is too humid, in which case harmful bacteria will grow. And fungi, especially if your ball python has scars or scratches that represent a port through which bacteria can enter the skin.

Do Ball Pythons Change Color As They Age?

Ball Pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. They have a variety of colors and patterns. But do they change color as they age?

The answer is Yes. Ball Pythons are born with their natural colors and patterns and their colors change as they age.

Although you will not notice the color of ball pythons change overnight, the colors of ball pythons change and become paler as the snake ages.

The colors of the ball pythons can also change in a darker direction or they can also fade, all this will happen with the age of the ball pythons.

In addition, the patterns that appear on the body of a ball python can change and become less symmetrical, and the older it becomes, the less symmetrical it becomes.

Ball pythons that are from the age of 3 years to about the tenth year, will be bright colors and have beautiful and clear patterns.

When the ball python reaches the age of 11, the colors will be fainter, and the patterns will be lined up less accurately.

After the ball python is over 20 years old, the colors will be quite light and faded and will only miss the correct alignment.

Why Did My Ball Python Change Color?

The change in the color of the ball python can occur quite randomly, some snakes change pigment in a few scales, and other snakes change colors all over the body.

There are three main reasons ball python’s color can change:

Some snakes change color with age, and you may notice this yourself. The color may become dull and the brightness disappears, or the color may be darker than it was when it was a small snake.

The color of the ball python can change because the temperature in the container in which it lives is not ideal, or because there is a heat source nearby.

Scale rot can also be the reason for changing the colors of your ball python, this happens due to dermatitis in the ball python’s skin and the growth of some harmful bacteria and fungi in the skin.

If your ball python’s colors are changing, there could be several reasons.

-It could be due to the shedding process

-It could be due to an injury or illness

-It could be due to environmental changes

The color of a snake is determined by the type of pigment in the skin. The pigment can be black, brown, yellow, or orange.

Different colors are not always a sign of sickness. It could mean that your pet has just molted and is going through a natural process called shedding.

The color of a ball python is determined by the genes it inherits from its parents. This is why they are sometimes called “genetic” morphs.

Do Ball Pythons Get Lighter With Age?

You may notice some fading over time until the whole ball python becomes lighter until its color becomes like caramel, but this is not consistent in all ball pythons, some of which may change color in a darker direction, especially if they are burned or have rotten scales.

Ball pythons can turn lighter or darker or stay almost the same, this depends on the health of the environment in which they live, is it the right temperature? Is it too wet? Is there a heat source near the snake?

All of these things determine the way your ball python’s color will change in the future, and even professionals including vets are unable to determine what color your ball python will look after several years.


The Ball Python is a species of nonvenomous snake found in Africa. It was first described by George Shaw in 1797.

Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes in the world, but many people want to know if they will change colors. The answer is yes, ball pythons change colors.

When you notice that your ball python’s color is getting darker with age, you should not think that this has to be due to a problem, it could be a normal thing due to skin shedding, for example.

The color change in a ball python is most likely due to the shedding process. The skin that it sheds is a different color than the rest of its body, so the snake will look different for a time until it sheds again.

Other reasons that may cause a change in the color of a ball python are burns and rotting of the scales. If you do not know the reason for the change in the color of your snake, you should consult a veterinarian to discover the cause and treat it if the cause of the change in color is not normal.

Ball pythons can climb, which means that they can move to places where the temperature is inappropriate, or they may move near the heating source or the light source, the heat generated by them will cause the snake to change color as well.

Ball pythons are one of the most expensive, so you want to make sure that you can care for them properly. One question that many people have is whether or not ball pythons change their color as they get older.

The answer: Ball pythons change color as they age, and they do get darker and more vibrant in color with age. In addition, their patterns will become more pronounced and detailed with age.

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