Do Corgis Need A Lot Of Attention? [Why & Solutions]

Corgis are medium sized dogs with fluffy tails and big ears. They have a long history, dating back to the Vikings or earlier. Corgis were originally bred as herding dogs in Wales and England, but now they are more commonly seen as pets because of their friendly nature and their short fur coat which makes them easy to take care of.

Can you imagine a life without a dog? As the old adage goes, “A house is not a home without a dog.” Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and they are amazing companions. But, there are many breeds of dogs and some may require more attention than others.

The frequently asked question do Corgis need a lot of attention? We will answer this question and others related to it in the following details:

do corgis need a lot of attention Do Corgis Need A Lot Of Attention? [Why & Solutions]

Do Corgis Need A Lot Of Attention?

The answer is yes, Corgi dogs need a lot of attention, the Corgi dog requires high attention that includes physical exercise, and grooming, and they also need someone to make them feel loved and cared for.

It is true that most dog breeds need great attention, but Corgis breeds need more than all other breeds, and if the breeder or owner does not provide them with everything they need, they will show unpleasant behavior such as chewing or barking, destroying home furniture and doing very annoying things.

Corgis are a very energetic, playful and intelligent dog breed. They are very social and love to spend time with their owners, but corgis have a high need for attention from their owners. They can’t be left alone for long periods of time or they will become destructive and misbehave.

Corgis are a type of dog that needs a lot of attention, but they also need to be active. They are not the best dog for someone who is looking for a pet that can stay home alone all day.

Corgis need about an hour or two of exercise per day, so it is important to make sure you have time for that if you want one as your pet.

Corgis are small-sized dogs that have long ears and they look like they’re wearing little skirts. They originated in Wales and were bred to herd cattle. They also require grooming because their fur can get matted easily.

Corgi dog prefers to be close to the owner and family and likes to be the center of the activity and they should be the thing that highlights it, so that they will demand your attention if you do not give them the attention they want, and unfortunately that will be by barking and chewing things.

They also do not like having a partner or competitor with them in the same house, including the presence of another pet, in addition, they do not accept people they have not seen before, including visitors.

But if you are a Corgi lover, this can all be overcome especially if your Corgi is a puppy, as it can be trained to prevent this from happening.

Also, it is not necessary that these bad behaviors be present in all corgis dogs, because dogs differ among themselves, each of them has its own personality and characteristics that differ from the other dog.

And even adult dogs that are characterized by these behaviors over time will realize that they are not good behaviors because Corgis are smart, and as a result, the severity of these things will decrease little by little.

Are Corgis High Maintenance?

There are many misconceptions about the Corgi breed. One of these is that they are high maintenance. This is not true at all. They are actually very low maintenance dogs with a lot of personality and intelligence.

Corgis are not high maintenance dogs, but that does not mean that they are very easy. They require a lot of attention and care, and they need to be walked frequently.

The Corgi’s coat is short and easy to maintain, they do not shed much, and their grooming requirements are minimal. They also don’t need a lot of exercises because they have a naturally low energy level.

The Corgi is a very low maintenance pet. But they need to be groomed regularly, fed the right food, and exercised on a regular basis.

There are many reasons why people love Corgis. They are usually loyal, and intelligent dogs. And corgis are affectionate dogs. They can also be protective of their owners and family members in some cases.

Corgis have an average lifespan of 12-14 years, which is shorter than many other breeds of dogs. The average weight for a corgi is around 25 pounds and their height ranges from 8-11 inches tall at the shoulder.

Steps To Reduce Attention In Corgis

Some steps can be taken to prepare your corgi so that in the future you will spend less time paying attention to it.

One of the most important of these steps is to get your dog to get exercises when they are still a puppy, the exercises will help make them calmer.

Following the exercises and socialization will make Corgi know what things to do and what not to do, and this will be something that will become ingrained with them over time.

Another step is to provide your pet’s needs for food, a good sleeping place, and emotional attention, all of these things will make Corgi feel safe, which will prompt him to be more stable and more in control of his actions.

There is also another necessity, which is for the breeder or owner to act decisively by following the principle of punishment and reward. When behaving well, he will be rewarded. When doing something undesirable, the favorite toy is withdrawn from him, for example.

In the end there is no radical solution, even with the best that can be achieved, a Corgi will still need more attention than other dogs, does not like to be far from you, and does not like to be outside the family.

They have high energy, so they need high physical activity, exercise and walking outside the house in order to disburse that energy.

All of these steps only enable you to take control of the times when you are compelled to not give him enough attention, and you will make him wait for you until you finish and return to give him the attention he needs.

The last thing that can be said is that it is not right for the owner or breeder to think that the excessive attention that a Corgi needs is a horrid or unbearable thing or is reason enough not to bring in a Corgi.

The attention your Corgi needs can be just 30 minutes of walking around the house, or it can be a few minutes of playing, taking a shower, and so on.

Do Corgis Have A Lot Of Health Problems?

One of the health issues that Corgis dogs can suffer from is called degenerative myelopathy, which is a type of progressive paralysis that cannot be eliminated through treatment.

The other thing is hip dysplasia, a disorder of the hip that can be treated with expensive surgery, but in most cases leaves the dog with arthritis in the future.

Also von Willebrand disease, a defect in Corgi’s blood clotting.

Corgi can also have eye problems such as retinal atrophy.

Another one that may affect a corgi for which there are no tests, such as spine problems and arthritis.

Immunodeficiency diseases and types of cancer.

Approximately 75% of these diseases can be detected if the breeder or owner reviews the health history of the Corgi parents.


The Corgi is a herding dog that originated in Wales. It was originally bred to help herd cattle by nipping at the heels of the animals, but now they are mostly popular as pets due to their cute appearance, intelligence and personality traits.

Yes, Corgi, like other pets, needs attention, and this breed requires more attention than other dog breeds.

This isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t have a good time with a corgi, in the end even we as humans need the attention of our loved ones.

Corgi considers you a member of his family so he will need your attention, and he would love to get a little love from you.

Corgis are very active dogs who need a lot of exercise and playtime to keep them happy.

The attention your corgi requires doesn’t include the miraculous, providing food and exercise, and keeping it safe, are simple things.

Corgi dogs can suffer from many diseases, but a large percentage of these diseases can be detected only if you examine the health history of the mother and father’s offspring.

If you have another pet at home, you will have a hard time getting your Corgi to get along with it.

Professionals recommend working with your Corgi since he is a puppy, because puppies can learn from you and receive information better than an adult dog.

There is no magic solution that makes your Corgi needless to pay attention to, there are a few steps that will enable you to reduce the time needed to pay attention.

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