Why Are My Cats Lips Swollen? [Causes & Treatments]

Cats are one of the most moving and active creatures in the world, if you notice that your cat has become frowning and less active, there is likely to be damage or a medical cause to the lips.

The lower or upper lips of the cat may be exposed to the swollen for many reasons, which we will mention in the following details:

why are my cats lips swollen Why Are My Cats Lips Swollen? [Causes & Treatments]

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Why Are My Cats Lips Swollen?

One of the most important causes of cat lip swelling, the most common of which is a dental abscess, may be the occurrence of any health problems in the teeth that lead to a swollen lip.

If you see that your cat has broken teeth or was the appearance of the teeth unhealthy, this is definitely the reason.

If this is the case, the situation can develop into more than swelling of the lips. Your cat may suffer from swelling of the entire face if the condition is not treated quickly and properly.

If the swelling is only in the lip, you can notice other symptoms until you try to determine the cause, whether it is the teeth or another reason.

Your cat may have difficulty eating, you may notice that your cat has lost appetite, the cat’s reaction can be overly nervous when the chin is scratched by you.

Shaking the head a lot and drooling, all of this confirms that the cause of swollen lips is dental or oral problems.

If these symptoms do not appear to you, the cause of the swelling of the lips may be different. Sometimes the cat may be bitten by a parasite such as mites, flea or mosquitoes, all of which is sure to cause redness and swelling in the cat’s lips.

If your cat’s teeth are fine and your cat is in a safe environment from mosquitoes and mites, cat feline acne could be the cause of swollen lips.

A blockage in the sebaceous glands in the cat’s chin can also lead to swollen lips.

Doctors say that the lips and face in cats can suffer from swelling due to an allergy to some pollen or some other substances that the cat may inhale.

Sometimes, food or even medications such as antibiotics or heart medications can cause an allergic reaction that results in swollen lips.

If your cat has a minor accident such as falling on the chin while trying to jump somewhere, this impact between the cat’s body and the ground can cause a bulge at the site of the impact (the part of the impact may be the lip).

Another cause is cancer. One of its symptoms may be swelling of the lips or the entire jaw, but this usually happens in elderly cats only.

It is possible that the behavior of cats in being fighting among themselves by biting each other’s faces is the cause of the swelling of the lips.

The most common causes of swelling include allergic reactions to food items such as fish or chicken bones.

In the event that it is proven that the cause is allergies, antihistamines or steroid injections can be used to help relieve symptoms, if the situation does not improve, your veterinarian will recommend surgery.

Why Is My Cat’s Lower Lip Swollen?

Sometimes the swelling of the lower lip is due to the disruption of the cat’s immune cells, then the swelling can appear as if it is caused by parasites, but it is not.

Swelling of your cat’s lower lip could be an allergic reaction, although it is not the most common cause of swelling.

In some cases, parts of the animal’s body can become swollen from allergies just like humans can, causing your cat’s lips to become swollen and sore.

This sensitivity can be due to the type of food, or it can be caused by the environment in which the cat lives.

It could be the issue of food and water hygiene, if you use plastic food bowls that may be scratched and harbor bacteria, or your cat could be allergic to the plastic that goes into making the bowl.

Your vet can help you figure out the right treatment for your pet to reduce discomfort and keep it safe.

Why Is My Cat’s Upper Lip Swollen?

Swelling of your cat’s upper lip could be caused by a problem in the mouth, such as gingivitis or rotting of the teeth.

This will cause swelling that may extend all over the face, antibiotics can be used to combat the infection, and the veterinarian can intervene surgically to correct the situation.

What Causes Cat Swollen Lip?

One of the causes of swollen lips in cats may be an eosinophilic granuloma complex, this leads to the appearance of small areas of inflammation similar to puffiness in the skin around your cat’s mouth.

The eosinophilic granuloma complex can be cleared up with anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and help soothe the skin.

Among the most important causes of swollen lips in cats: exposure to an insect or parasite bite, an allergy to food, an aromatic substance or the materials from which the bowl is made, or problems in the mouth such as broken teeth or gingivitis, or falling on the mouth or lips.

In addition, feline acne can be caused by infected hair follicles on your cat’s chin.

One of the reasons that lead to cat feline acne on the chin is the growth of hair under the skin, your vet can treat feline acne through topical treatment on your cat’s skin.

Cancer can be one of the causes of swollen lips in cats, although it is more frequent in an older cat, to treat this, there are many treatments, including surgical intervention by a veterinarian to remove the tumor.

Follow your cat for hours and try to examine the swollen place. If you see traces of a bruise, bump or bite, this is not complicated and will heal after a short period.

Try to clean the place well and remove any stuck material, insect or tick, to help the swelling heal quickly and not to spread the infection to the rest of the body.

Cat Swollen Lip Treatment?

If you notice that your cat suffers from swelling of the lips, this is an important thing and must be treated quickly because it directly affects the cat’s ability to eat, so the cat may not be able to live long if treatment is not done.

After you notice that the simplest and most effective thing is a trip to the vet, getting the advice of the veterinarian will be more than enough.

The veterinarian must work to determine the cause of the swelling and obtain the necessary treatments in order to relieve it at least for the time being, so that your cat can eat its food.

If the swelling in the lips is caused by an allergic reaction, this is more serious because it makes breathing difficult for your cat and this directly threatens her life if not treated.

In this case, the place can be carefully cleaned to get rid of any remnants of materials that may be the cause of allergies, such as pollen or any aromatic materials or others.

And if the swelling of the lips is due to dental problems, the pain resulting from broken teeth and other oral problems will cause more problems, such as a defect in the work of the heart, liver and kidneys.

The swelling could be due to the quality of the food your cat is eating, so you should check with your vet to change the pet’s diet.

All the instructions we mentioned are for the purpose of knowledge and not a substitute for the opinion of the veterinarian.


The first reason you can think of if swelling appears in your cat’s lips is cheilitis, which has several names, such as eosinophilic granulomatosis.

Cheilitis occurs due to an allergy to some of the things that the cat rubs in, not a requirement that it include food.

The second cause of swollen lips in cats can be parasites and other diseases such as autoimmune and dental and gum health problems.

It is possible that the cat has an ulcer, which is called a rodent ulcer, and that can spread to other parts of the cat’s body such as the abdomen and feet.

Another cause of swollen lips in cats is the pet’s eating bowl, some cats are allergic to the plastic bowl, try replacing it with a ceramic or glass bowl, regardless of the type of food dish you use, it must be washed with hot water and detergents after each meal.

The occurrence of tumors in the mouth can be another reason because it affects the oral cavity, these tumors can be cancerous or benign.

Oral tumors in cats are of three types: squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma and fibrosarcoma, the three of which are bad in the long term and make your cat suffer.

Some plants such as Pothos, if eaten by the cat, even if it takes a single bite, will cause swelling in the mouth and upset the digestive system of the cat.

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