Will Corgis Kill Chickens? [Why & Tips]

Corgis are popular pets because of their adorable looks and great personality. And with so many people owning these dogs as pets.
Curious about whether Corgis have a tendency to kill chickens? Find out the answer and more in the following information.

will corgis kill chickens Will Corgis Kill Chickens? [Why & Tips]

Corgis dogs do not kill chickens. They are generally not inclined to harm or consume chickens. With proper training, especially during their puppyhood, Corgis can peacefully coexist with chickens. Breeders have achieved satisfactory results in fostering harmony between Corgis and chickens. It’s important to note that Corgis can get along with various animals if properly trained. While Corgis have a herding background and can coexist with other animals, it’s crucial to supervise their interactions during feeding time. Separation during mealtime and preventing chickens from pecking can help maintain a peaceful environment. Also providing separate resting places for Corgis and chickens further promotes a harmonious relationship between them.

Will Corgis Kill Chickens?

The answer is simply Corgi dogs do not prefer to kill or eat chicken in normal cases, corgis have been known for their intelligence for a long time. They can be trained to do all sorts of things, from helping the blind to sniffing out drugs. But now they are proving that they can be good with chickens. Without a doubt, Corgi dogs can be good with chickens if they are properly trained, especially when they are Corgi puppies. Many breeders have reached satisfactory results, and their Corgi dogs coexist with chickens and do not kill or eat them.

Some people think that Corgis are aggressive with all other animals, and this concept is wrong, even though we as humans change, evolve and coexist with time, what about those small pets, if Corgis get the proper training they can coexist with any animal Another and not only with chicken.

Not only that, Corgi dogs have a bright past in this matter, because they were used to herding cows and other dogs. This means that they coexisted with these animals. This is conclusive proof that they can coexist with other animals.

You can’t imagine how much a corgi loves food, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the corgi attacked the chicken while they were eating because he might feel the chicken wanted to share his food, so the chicken should be removed in front of the corgi when you serve his meal.

Corgi and chickens should not be separated, this will lead to counterproductive results if they meet later, but the breeder must choose the appropriate times in order not to happen anything unsatisfactory.

Chickens like to discover things and like to peck with their beak, the chicken may try to peck at the corgi’s body, this will make him angry, and will attack them, make sure to prevent those pecking from happening.

A corgi has indeed become a pet and it is true that he cares about you and practices nice behavior with you, but the predatory instinct cannot be completely removed from him, so the first time when you bring a corgi with chickens you must be present so that you can control the situation in case anything happens Bad.

The corgi should also have a separate place from the chicken that it takes as a place to sleep and rest, and you should not intend that this place be shared with the chicken, because the corgi does not like to have any competition with it.
On the other hand, chickens should have a separate chicken house from the corgi house, to ensure that there is no clash.

Are Corgis Good Around Chickens?

The answer to this question is simple. Corgis can be good and get along with other animals including chickens only if you teach them yourself. Most Corgis will accept the idea of having a friend, as long as it is a friend who does not bother them or feel threatened by it.

Pets are a familiar sight in many households. We have dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and even horses as pets. But one pet that has gained popularity in recent years is the corgi. The popularity of this breed of dogs led to an increase in their number, which made chicken breeders feel that it might be bad news for chickens.

But the good news is that Corgis will not pose a threat to chickens, if they are properly raised as dogs and as long as they get their food well and are not hungry, in addition to placing an appropriate space between them and the chicken when needed because Corgi dogs are known that at times wants privacy.

And to ensure that there is no clash between corgi and chicken.

There are some things to do, for example, we all know that Corgi gets angry quickly and easily, so any reason that leads to his anger towards chickens should be prevented.

Where it must be worked on that the place of food is not shared by them, nor the place of drinking water.

In the event of a clash between them, both parties must be punished so that this incident does not happen again, the punishment could be the withdrawal of the favorite toy from the Corgi.

The same goes for chickens. Any inappropriate behavior towards corgis should not be tolerated.

All of these methods and over time will be more than enough to teach the corgi to be good with chickens and herd chickens as they used to herd cows in the past.

Can Dogs Herd Chickens?

Corgis are becoming a more popular dog breed in the United States, and it’s not uncommon to see them at dog parks.

The Corgi is a herding dog, so they may try to herd the chickens. However, this can be a problem for all parties involved. The Corgi might get hurt or even killed by the chicken, and the chicken might get hurt or killed by the Corgi.

This is why it’s important to train your corgi before bringing them to the park with chickens.

Therefore, the correct answer is, yes, Corgi dogs can herd chickens, but after they get the necessary training for that, knowing that they were herding animals that were more difficult than chickens such as the herd of cows and other dogs, including dogs larger than the corgi.

Do Corgis Get Along With Chickens?

Corgis can certainly get along with chickens if you as a breeder or owner can meet the necessary conditions for this. But you have to learn to manage space and not be close to each other all the time.

Corgi dogs like to play on their own, but will not mind other animals if they are harmless. You also have to expect that even chickens can love playing with corgis if they feel that this thing will be safe for them.

It is inappropriate to consider corgis savage or insensitive. We know that corgis are affectionate dogs, and most of the time corgis are loving creatures and will spend a nice time with other animals provided that they do not feel threatened or compete for food.

You must make sure that the space designated for your Corgi dog will not be too close to the place designated for the chicken.

If you can achieve these things, it will be natural for your corgi to get along with the chicken.

Will My Dog Eat My Chickens?

You must be sure that your corgi will not eat your chicken, even if you normally serve him raw chicken, simply because they live chicken will not inspire the appetite of the corgi.

Even if you feel that your dog and chicken are among them some curiosity, trust that things will end safely.

However, some limits must be set, indeed, Corgis are not aggressive dogs but if there are a large number of chickens your Corgi may feel that his task is to graze or chase that flock, this will cause a kind of distraction that may cause accidents such as exposure Chicken to bite.

Teach your dog commands like “sit” and “stop” so you can use them in case things don’t go the way you want them to.

How To Train Corgi Not To Kill Chickens?

Normally corgi does not kill chickens, but to guarantee it 100%, you must follow some steps:

Teach Corgi to follow certain commands such as “sit” and “stay away”, and use these commands daily until he learns them to use them in necessary cases if the situation worsens.

When you’re near the chickens for some work, tie up your corgi, and when you see him become calm, reward him and praise him.

Once he’s gotten used to the chickens even just a little bit, now re-train the “sit” and “keep away” commands near the chickens.

Watch if your corgi is nervous or if is he not interested in the chickens, if he is nervous that means he needs more of that exercise.

After a few days, repeat these exercises, but without tying your corgi. If he does well, this means that you are on the right path, and if he is not, return to practicing the exercises while tying him.

If things don’t go well, tie him and keep the strap long and semi-loose so that the Corgi doesn’t get nervous, and so you can re-grasp the strap if he does something.

Repeat these exercises at different times (day and night) and in different places, so that Corgi can memorize all the conditions.

Now let go of the tie for gradually longer periods, but stay close to him and watch him, continue to follow these steps until you see that the dog is less interested and less nervous about the chickens, so you have completed the training as it should.


Some speculate that Corgi dogs kill their chickens or that this is normal, this will only happen if the breeder or owner mismanages the situation.

In most cases, your corgi will not eat your chicken, first because he knows that chicken is something that belongs to you, and he has all the loyalty and gratitude to you, so he will not do anything to harm you.

Corgi dogs can be good with chickens, and will not pose any threat to them, if your dog is given the right exercises that help him realize that the live chickens he walks around are not intended for eating.

Corgi dogs can also coexist with chickens easily because they were co-existing with the cows that were herding them in the past.

If you are careful not to clash between corgi and chicken, try to separate everything that could cause competition between them.

Make each of them a separate living space, and provide food for each of them without sharing it.

Keep chickens away from your corgi when you give him food, so he doesn’t feel like the chicken is competing for food and attacking him.

Try to put corgi with chicken at specific times and do not separate them until they get used to each other.

Teach the chicken not to detect the corgi’s body by pecking, because this will prompt the corgi to take actions that include trying to defend itself.

If this is your corgi’s first time with chicken, always stay around until you make sure things are safe.

Corgi loves to have a friend, but that friend is not a threat.

If there is an accident and a clash between a corgi and a chicken, punish them for it so that they learn that this behavior was wrong.

Corgis can graze chickens without problems after they have been trained to qualify for it.

In the event of a strong clash between them, try to show them to the veterinarian, especially since chickens can easily cause damage to the Corgi’s eyes by pecking with their beak.

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